IT Security

IT Security

IT Security refers to the measures put in place to protect computer systems and their data from unauthorized access and cyber-attacks. The three main goals  are confidentiality, availability, and integrity. IT security operates at both a logistical and logical level. This includes the physical protection of servers, user authentication and authorization, and logging of user activities for monitoring purposes.

IT SecurityTypes of Security and Attacks

There are two main types of computer security: passive and active. Passive focuses on preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information, while active actively protects confidential data from unauthorized access or modification. Both types are necessary to ensure the protection of sensitive data. The types of cyber-attacks that IT security seeks to prevent include unauthorized access to restricted areas, theft of confidential files, and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.

Industrial Safety

Companies have specific obligations to protect their data and information security, including the production of an annual report.  Effective risk management is a key component of IT security planning.

IT SecurityTechniques of Attack and Defense

There are several common techniques used by hackers to attack computer systems, including buffer overflow exploits, hacking, and social engineering. To defend against these attacks, IT security uses a variety of tools, including anti-virus software, firewalls, encryption, and intrusion detection systems.

Data Recovery

Data loss is a common occurrence, often due to hardware failures, operator error, or cyber-attacks. The success rate of data recovery is around 90%, but the chances of success can be impacted by attempts at repair made before seeking professional help. Our company offers a comprehensive data recovery service that can recover data even in complex cases, such as hard drive crashes, software malfunctions, and hacking. Our specialized techniques and collaborations ensure the maximum guarantee of data recovery.

IT security is a crucial aspect of modern technology, protecting sensitive information from cyber-attacks and unauthorized access. Effective IT security requires a combination of passive and active measures, as well as a comprehensive plan for risk management. Our company offers a professional data recovery service, ensuring the retrieval of lost data in even the most complex of cases.